Packaging Products


  • An extensive range of self adhesive tapes from a wide range of established manufacturers including 3M Scapa, Tessa, Lohmann and Nitto.
  • Masking and cloth tapes, single and double sided foam and surface protection.
  • Standard and reinforced gummed adhesive
  • Box Sealing Tapes
  • Printed & Plain Tapes
  • Custom adhesive solutions
  • Fastening systems and machines
  • Tamper proofing and adhesive patches

Pallet Wrap

  • Sold in box or pallet options, clear and colours in a variety of thicknesses
  • Extended cores and applicators available
  • Suitable for use in a variety of environments and climates, including sub-zero temperatures
  • No P.I.B additive reduces maintenance required to clean the machine’s rollers
  • Quiet operation reduces noise levels
  • Low tendency to tear reduces film wastage and production down time
  • Good optics and high clarity for easier read-through
  • Hand or machine rolls any size, any micron

We also offer a complete range of packaging materials.