Thermal Inkjet System

The WOCCS (World-Class Optimised Coding Concepts and Systems) series is a new system of ink and printers specialised for marking and coding applications . In addition to introducing our efforts and product lineup , we will work together with our customers to consider and solve the solutions necessary to solve their problems and satisfy them .

Features of TIJ print systems

Compact , low running cost

A maintenance-free compact printer that uses a head-integrated cartridge.

We propose an on-demand printing system with low running cost .

“WOCCS” will solve your problem.

Solve problems by using WOCCS, which has expanded the possibilities for new printing areas.
If you need help with any of the following, we can help.

  • Print quality is insufficient with current inks
  • I want to be able to print faster
  • I want to print on demand on a special functional film
  • Inkjet printing on curved surfaces such as bottles and bags containing liquid
  • I want to know what you can do with thermal inkjet