Resin Ribbons

Performance Characteristics

• Low printhead energy-extra advantage for a resin ribbon
• Excellent durability for chemical & industrial applications
• Extensive abrasion, steam and heat resistance (heat resistant up to 300ºC)
• Halogen free
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents
• Print quality at high speeds up to 204 mm/sec
• Excellent print definition for clean, durable and dense barcodes
• UL/CSA approved

Recommended Substrates

Coated paper, synthetic paper, polyolefin, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, Vinyl

Grade Overview

This super high performance resin grade is manufactured using innovative ink technology to offer an excellent solution on the widest range of receiver materials. Traditionally, applications requiring maximum durability have required the possible use of various grades of resin ribbon. With this grade most applications, including steam resistance, can be met with one single resin product. This grade combines low print energy with fast speeds to give crisp, dark prints on receiver materials extending from coated paper through to high end synthetics making it an extremely versatile product. It is also UL recognised/CSA approved and can be confidently specified with a wide range of proprietary label brands. This grade also offers the advantage of being Halogen free making it an ideal product for use in industries which have banned the use of Halogens.