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LX3000E DYE Label Printer

We are the longest established and main UK specialist stockist / distributor for Primera / DTM-Print label printers. Ideal for printing short runs of different high quality bespoke colour labels, the new Primera LX3000e (e=UK/Europe model) is a great place to start if you are thinking of printing your own on-product labels in-house. The LX3000e is based on its hugely successful predecessors LX400e/LX500e/LX600e/LX900e/LX910e, but now has an improved print speed and extra large bulk ink tanks for low cost per print. The printer driver is PC windows compatible and a Mac OS driver available. Many different blank label sizes on rolls in both paper and synthetic media.
We offer free download of either Nice Label or better supported for UK is BarTender label layout and print software.
There is a built in guillotine to cut of each label or cut off after a strip.



Low cost replaceable printhead maintains high print quality.
Significantly less ink consumption does not need or use a waste ink tank.
Compact size, easy liftable /moveable, user-friendly and low energy.
Border-less or edge to edge printing is supported.
No separate black but a high density CMY black, which gives a smear-less and water-resistant results on all types of media including the popular high glossy types. Choose the DYE ink model for indoor products or the PIGMENT ink version if your labels are likely to get damp.
Three year warranty as standard after product registration (within 6 months of purchase.
Faster start-up after pause. Printers with permanent printheads often need 1-2 minutes to clean the printhead before starting to print. The LX3000e prints immediately.
Hi tolerance with media thickness and stiffness, more variety in substrates is available.


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