EASY 160

• 160mm / 6.30” label liner maximum width

• built on a solid aluminium alloy casting. A safe and most robust machine, designed to last over time

• little footprint on the production line thanks to its “vertical” development

• large diameter reel housing for long duration

• available in pneumatic version too

Very easy to use thanks to all the controls being concentrated in a single panel including 3 multiturn potentiometers (with blocking device) to adjust:

• dispensing speed

• label position on the peeler (advance dispensing)

• labeling point (application delay) removing the need for manual movement of the product detection sensor.

In addition, a luminous button is available for “single shot” dispensing and alarm resetting

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Maximum Speed:

up to 20m per minute

Maximum Label Width:

160mm (including liner)

Maximum Roll OD: