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Zebra ZQ210

Businesses looking for a value-priced mobile printer don’t want to compromise on features. Zebras ZQ200 Series offers the perfect balance of cost, quality, versatility, durability, ‘wearability’ and ease of use. When it comes to versatility, these printers outshine the competition, allowing users to print multiple types of media and media widths to meet all printing needs. All the right connectivity options ensure easy charging, and split-second pairing with a host mobile device. With its slim and lightweight design, it’s easy to carry all day. When it comes to ease of use, with the integrated display, removable battery, USB charging, larger media housing and more, the ZQ200 Series is unmatched. Businesses get the durability to enable mobile printing inside or outside in the heat, cold, rain, and snow.




All-in-one receipt and label printing The ZQ200 Series is one of the only printers in this price class that can print it all - receipts and labels, either with or without a lining. You get the flexibility to standardize on one printer that can meet all your mobile printing needs. Purchasing and management are reduced. And with Zebra Certified Supplies, you get validated and tested media your workers can count on for dependable high-quality. Supports a large Media roll Workers can now print more receipts and labels per roll, which means more efficiency and fewer rolls to carry. Go Green and increase worker productivity with linerless label printing Get all the benefits of linerless printing. Your company will generate a lot less waste, improving your green initiatives. And you can increase productivity while simplifying life out on the road for truck, motorcycle and bicycle drivers. There is less wasted paper to manage and no backing liner. And since there are more labels on a roll, there are fewer rolls of media to carry and fewer media roll changes. All the right connections for on-the-go workers Simples USB charging Get the easiest in-vehicle charging solution outside the four walls with the ZQ200 Series - just plug the optional USB charger into the cigerette lighter. And if a charger isn't handy, workers can use there personal mobile phone USB charger.


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