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ZQ300 Plus Series

The ZQ300 Plus Series supports for both receipt and label printing, associates can do it all – ring up sales and print receipts, as well as complete mark-ups, markdowns and shelf labelling.

With the outdoor options, workers can print in practically any environment.

Available in 2″ and 3 in” models to ensure worldwide media compatibility, the ZQ300 Plus Series offers a slim profile and modern look for the sales floor, plus class-leading rugged specifications, fast 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connections, Bluetooth remote management and patented battery technology for full-shift battery life.

Indoor and outdoor options available.




More Versatility For More Value Connect to Virtually Any Handheld Pair the ZQ300/Zq300 Plus Series with practically any mobile device - any Bluetooth enabled Zebra mobile handheld computer and tablet, as well as any Android, IOS, Windows CE and Windows Mobile device. It's also MFi certified for IOS devices. One Printer - Dual Capabilities: Receipts and Labels Now, one printer can do double duty: the same printer your store associates use for point of sale transactions can also print labels for shelves, item markdowns and markups. Print Indoors and Outdoors with IP54 sealing and support for water-resistant media, you can count on the indoor and outdoor model to print legible text and scannable barcodes, even in the rain or snow. Global Media Support The ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series accommodates international metric and US media widths. Less Waste with Linerless Media Go greener with linerless media. Workers no longer need to manage used liner material throughout their shift. And since linerless media has up to 60% more labels per roll, it requires fewer roll changes, improving printer uptime and worker productivity. Superior Industrial Design Sleek on the Outside, Superior Zebra Design on the Inside The lightweight design ensures user comfort all shift long. The slim profile makes it easy to use in tight spaces. And while its contemporary look fits into the most design-conscious retail store, you get durability for which Zebra is famous. It's the only printer in its class to offer triple durability specifications: IP54 sealing, and specifications for a 5 ft/1.5m drop and 500 drop tumble, which simulates the real-world tumbling that follows a drop.


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