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Zebra ZQ220 Plus

Introducing Zebras ZQ220 Plus mobile printer, offering the perfect balance of cost, quality, versatility, durability and wearability.

Print receipts and labels in multiple widths including 2″ and 3″. Enjoy easy USB charging and increased communication speeds using Bluetooth 5.0.

With a slim, lightweight design, its easy to carry all day, and offers the durability to print indoors and outdoors and an IP54 rating for resistance to dust and liquids, right out of the box.

The integrated display, removable battery, and ZLabel Designer Mobile App make it easy to use and stay productive.




All-in-One Receipt and labelling Printing The ZQ220 Plus prints both receipts and labels, giving you the flexibility to standardize on one printer that can meet all your mobile printing needs. Purchasing and management are simplified - and with only one model, training requirements are reduced. Support for Multiple Media Widths You get the flexibility to choose the right media width for your application. Out of the box, the ZQ220 Plus can print 80mm/3.14in. With media spacers, the ZQ220 Plus can print 76.2mm/3in, 58mm/2.28in. All the Right Connections for On-the-Go Workers Simple USB Charging Get the easiest in-vehicle charging solution outside the four walls with the ZQ220 Plus - just use the USB cable to plug it into the vehicle USB port or use the optional USB charger with a vehicle lighter power adapter. Users can also use a personal mobile power bank to charge the printer with an attached USB cable. Faster, Easier and More Reliable Printing Support for Bluetooth 5.0 Classic Low Energy (BLE) enables the fastest communication between the host mobile device and the ZQ220 Plus, delivering dependably fast printing. And improved power effciency extends the battery cycle of the host mobile device. Simple Tap to Pair With NFC With integrated NFC, pairing the ZQ220 Plus to the Android mobile device of your choice couldn't be easier. Whether yuor workers are using an NFC-enabled Zebra or non-Zebra Android device, or their own NFC-enabled mobile devices, just one tap will establish the connection to the ZQ220 Plus. No more time spent troubleshooting pairing problems, improving mobile worker and IT support staff productivity.


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